Friday, February 26, 2010

Something Blue

I normally blog about what is currently on my mind. So it is all over the place. Two sections I’m going to try to blog about are: I want, and currently reading.

I want is a post about some item I found inspiring. Whether it be something adorable, unique, cheap, or DIY. And of course as the title mentions something I want!

Currently reading: no need to explain this, but I will talk a little about what book I am currently reading and then update when I’m done with it. Kind of review the book, so to say.

I recently finished reading:
Something Blue
By: Emily Giffin

This is the sequel to Something Borrowed (which I have not read, I know reading books out of order is strange). Something blue is a true chick lit book. It is about a New Yorker named Darcy. Darcy is self absorbed, spoiled, and has a charmed life. Darcy finds her best friend is sleeping with her fiancée and her whole life falls apart. At first I hated Darcy, but by the end I loved her! A must read for any romantic.

I am currently reading: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane I will update once I have finished it.

Happy Reading.

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